Hello 2015!

Welcome to 2015! While I have some great stuff for One Little Word and Project 52, I’m going to focus on something ELSE today…

The newest pick for the NovelTea book club is a classic book that I don’t know that I would have read WITHOUT Noveltea.


While I love the movie ‘Clueless’ (what girl in my generation doesn’t?), I have never read the book—in fact, I had no idea it was based on Jane Austen until well after I had seen it (mostly because we didn’t have the internet as it exists now).



A Week in the Life

I’m taking the plunge, doing a Week in the Life with Ali Edwards.

Want to know more about the project? Check out Ali’s page for more details on Week in the Life.

I bought the (now sold out) gold album and kit and laid the foundation down in about an hour and a half, while doing other stuff. I ended up doing some triage to a page protector I had from an old handbook in order to make the pages consistent with each other.

I will be using the supplies in her kit—she has some GREAT stuff in there, as well as a few of her digital supplies:
I love her 6×8 Layered templates for the larger photos and then the Messy Daily Circles. It should go together so well!

I am really excited about this project, and would love to invite you, too, to join. You can sign up for the community FREE at her website, or just follow along on your own blog, if you want to use your own supplies.

Whatever the case, thanks for reading and please share your blog so I can check it out.



Made some headway in my ‘to be written list’. Also finished arrow season 2.
No spoilers, so will just say, ‘agggghjhj! ‘

My catch up post

I had a birthday. At Disneyland because I am still catching up on my years in Disney exile…

Met Thor

And dressed up my husband in line…
Made my husband do the Flynn thing…

We got the photo pass, but have not ordered the photos yet.


This is the lovely friend whom gave us comp tickets for our wedding that allowed us to spend my birthday at Disneyland





Going Postal

I went to the post office today, to post a letter for an LEP swap (I thought it was already sent) , a postcard to someone in the LEP whom enjoys the subject matter, and then a box to a dear video game friend in England, an envelope to my OLW pal and a very overdue gift/penpal goodie bag to a dear friend across the country….

I got stamps, too, but I ended up spending almost $50. It was crazy! But very needed.

I made a deal with myself that I will not be going to the awesome kawaii store I love (Tamaya) until I write 10 letters and also finish my Simpsons Moleskine journal. I only have 30 pages to go in it, and writing has been my lifesaver at work.

Looking forward to relaxing this weekend. How about you?


It is Tuesday….and I cannot believe it is not raining. Apart from Southern Californians thinking the sky is collapsing (and therefore forget how to drive).

My husband had a meeting last night, so I got home. Ate the crockpot chicken based on something from Melody Makes and the salad dressing based on Pioneer Woman's blue cheese dressing on the salad and I was set.

I watched The Good Wife (season 5 on amazon prime for the win!), and did some creating. Got through a few days of Shimelle's Learn Something New Class, it felt awesome to be creating. Especially with my Freckled Fawn kit and my new Jamberry sets…

Got to read and relax, too. Popped in half of a Dragon's egg bath bomb from LUSH and really had a nice evening. Good Monday. And a good Monday means an even better Tuesday, right?

What are you creating lately?

I gotta blog?

Inspired by http://fatmumslim.com.au/ditch-pesky-bloggers-block/, I am posting.

I am reading this for a summer literature class. I have never read Le Guin.

I drove to Comic Con last weekend and dropped the hubster and his sister and her husband off while I cried (not really). I have been reading digital comics like crazy, and was sure to take advantage of last week’s Batman birthday sales.

What have you been reading?


Summer : What We’re Watching

So it’s summer, and since neither of us are teachers, we are still working at least 40 hours a week, and also, studying and working on other projects for income at least 10-20 additional hours a week…

Needless to say there isn’t a lot of time to watch things together as we had gotten used to. But, we have made strides via Hulu.

Apart from his Netflix Top Gear obsession, and my Real Housewives ‘thing’ (Amazon and Hulu), we’ve been able to snag some time together to watch the following via Hulu.

It’s a really funny show about students at a Manchester (UK) university. I don’t know that I have a favorite character, as they are all pretty awesome, but Howard (the guy on the far right) is pretty awesomely geeky. And Melissa (girl with the pink bag) is pretty cool, too. We’re on the 3rd season and it is so bittersweet, because I have to wait a year for these Brit series to return!

The_Secret_Of_My_Success.jpg I loved Michael J Fox growing up. Literally thought I was going to marry him when I was 5-7 (a little Facts of Life Clooney interspersed). Around the age of 8-10, I was all about Patrick Swayze and then it was Clooney shortly thereafter for a LONG time. I made my husband watch this last night, as he had never seen it and it’s still just as awesome, and corny as I remember it to be.