#MyDetailsClass: Day Two: Quotes

I really liked the idea of this prompt. I love quotes, so the hardest part was selecting 7 quotes that I felt best represented me at this point.


I user some sparkly gelly roll pen for the lower right hand quote, but the picture doesn’t do it justice. I really love the Disney quote and card. The vellum stickers are from freckled fawn’s latest kit.


More freckled fawn, and some amazing quotes. Very inspiring.

#MyDetailsClass : Day one

Day One is all about Watching. I took this prompt literally and decided to tackle my streaming habit.


It’s all here…

Taking a leap and taking an ecourse… All about me, which I am actually liking a lot more than I thought I would (Part of me thought that I would be really boring people if I did this, but I’m actually happy I took the leap).

I had gone through a few different things that I wanted to try, including a Basic Gray binder (which I have since turned into a sticker book–like serious regression, here).

My-details-square-with-websI ended up using an AC mini binder that I got with the Amy Tan Plus One PL mini kit I got from HSN. It is currently sold out, so I am really happy I snagged it when I did. As you may or may not know, Amy Tangerine is one of my favorite designers. And I love project life. So an Amy Tangerine Project Life kit is like a dream come true. Coupled with the great colors in the kit (bright colors contrast well with the basic black, white and gray in the kit), it’s a no-brainer. I also got some photo protectors with it, that will slide right over a picture to give just the right amount of ‘ooomph’.


I plan on using some of my Instax pictures, along with the above products, and my amazingly awesome and way functional Freckled Fawn kit. I might even add some Elle’s studio pieces from one of their monthly kits because they look so close to the Plus one colors…

Are you doing the #MyDetailsClass? If so, leave your blog in the comments so I can check you out!

#myDetailsClass intro pages

So I am using my project life Amy Tangerine mini from Hsn. It is currently sold out. Going to also use my freckled fawn kit.


My intro picture, along with the title page. The bg capture tabs and I are not playing well together.


This is my inspiration page. Love the colors and the ‘happy’ of this pocket page.

How is your #mydetailsclass going?

It is here


My April elle’s studio kit looks awesome. Did you get one?

Happy April Elle’s Studio Kit Release day!

Today is the Elle’s Studio April Kit Release. Yay!
And, while I haven’t done much with my kit from last month, I am going to try and use the stuff from last month’s before this month’s kit arrives.
Think I can do it?
Here’s what I scored:
The main kit is so bright!
I need to spend some quality time with my cameo–so I can use these!
I need labels–more labels.

Buy your own kit before they are sold out at Elle’s Studio.

Please note, I receive no compensation for this, I just love the quality of the products for the price!

Mug o Comfort Swap

I was paired with the most amazing partner—I got a mug filled with lovely tea that I cannot wait to use, as well as some multigrain crackers, a notepad and pens.

The mug is especially special—as it is handmade in Indiana and showcases a lovely covered bridge in Putnam County.


This was great! I am certainly happy I participated.

Whom else participated?

Digital Elements – I have found you again!!!

I went to the Lilypad and have been spending for the last two days–love the look of these two new kits.

I saw another one that I wanted to get, but I don’t think I can justify the expense–will I end up with so many digital elements I cannot use them?

TLP-melonsorbet-bundle unnamed

Groovebook : Review

Groovebook is a new way to get your pictures.

From their introduction on Shark Tank, it’s easy to get excited about the idea, especially if you are a scrapper or memory artist. Groovebook takes 100 of your photos from your smartphone and prints and sends them to you for $2.99.

I got a discount code for one from a blog that I had been reading. And I was really excited to download the app and get to work. And then I waited for my book to arrive.

And waited.

And waited.

I got a message stating that, due to a lot of interest, my January book would be delayed, but it was coming. When I got an automated message requesting me to get my February pictures in order, I immediately opened up a ticket letting them know I hadn’t received my January pictures and wanted a confirmation that they were on the way before updating February. They responded quickly, letting me know they would reprint my order and get it out to me.

3 weeks later, a February book appears, along with a LOT of crumbled packaging.

Let me reiterate, I never received my January book, nor have I gotten any confirmation about my missing book–apart from ‘we will reprint this for you.’ But, according to what I can make out, my February book was just a ton of different pictures from my smartphone (which 95% needed editing) from screenshots to taken pictures to pictures from A beautiful mess app. No confirmation ever occured from the team.

I opened up another ticket–requesting the reprint and asking for more information. As I was hoping to use this book for my Project Life album (which I am now woefully behind on), I am a little disappointed with the service.

However, that being said, the photo quality is nice (be sure to edit those pictures!) and there is a date on the other side of the edge where you tear off the photo. The prints are reminiscent of my old HP photo printer (a dedicated, mini photo printer that I was really happy with) and the price at under 3 cents per picture is great!

Again, you MUST make sure the photos are edited, I cannot stress this enough.

If you sign up, you will have a window each month in which to upload photos. Which is nice–it’s Always the same day, so if you’re like me and want to plan ahead, it’s easy to do so. It’s perfect for Project Life because you could catch up with 3 months worth of photos in one month and the next month do 1 month of photos and then you would have around 70 other pictures for scrapping–which is a GREAT idea, in my opinion.

I also think there are some other great ideas for this–like making postcards out of the prints and sending as invitations or announcements, etc. AND, even trying business cards.

However, the shipping is a bit unreliable, as my tale tells–so apparently of the two orders and one reprint (three total), I got one.

I am going to keep trying and will let you know if I hear anything from the team–crossing my fingers. And, once I hear back, I can give you a code for a free book.

Dirty Little Secret

You may or may not know my dirty little secret…

I <3 food magazines. It started innocently enough with food network magazine, but has branched out. Here is my first copy of allrecipes magazine at the new place.
Overall, I got about 6 recipes out of it, and I noticed a TON of ads for allrecipes.com and affiliated apps. So, review to follow.