Week 4: Paper

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Did you think I had given up on this? Because I have not!

So I think there should be a paper rehab. And probably, I don’t need to go, but I probably should.

By the way, you get this when you google search paper rehab. The images are funny. And random.


I love paper too much, but then again, looking at my paper, I don’t have as much as a lot of people. And, if I could, I would totally get more.

My paper is stored by maker in Alphabetical order, then line name. The cardstock is in ROYGBIV format. My 6×6 stacks are also in this rolling tote. It’s all been shown once before:

Actually, I take that back, I have a pizza box and another album with some Disney paper that I want to use in a Disney project, so there’s that, too. Let’s not count that because it is earmarked for a project.

I really like the way I keep paper. Now, the one thing I will say is that I don’t touch it because it isn’t in an SC pizza box. But I am thinking I might challenge myself to do a few layouts strictly from this paper. I have to cut a few of the pieces for a friend (go SCAL2 and my Expression!), so I’ll be in there getting stuff already…

So I will say that I need to do 3 layouts from what is in this at sometime in the next week. Especially since I am keeping the way I currently do them. I found a few layout blanks I tried to do a long time ago. Not sure if I have anything in mind for them right now, but I can always try.

I cleaned out the stamp drawer in my closet last night. I was able to put the stamps in an iris box, the inks in the tote above (Side compartment) and the punches in the bag as well. I don’t have many, but seeing them may make me use them. And, I found some more washi in the bin, LOL.


Also, I found a refill for my adhesive (myStik). I have no idea when I purchased it (even less why it was in my stamps drawer), but that means that I have that much longer before I have to buy another refill. LOL. I also found out that Staples sells them in a 3 pack. Awesome!

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